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Are you one of those who is interested in penning down some interesting piece of content else hold a prior experience as a self-published author to share on channels like marketing or publishing? Or, do you possess exceptional writing skills that can be put to use for delivering precise, helpful, and easy-to-understand content?

Will it not be great to get a class-apart exposure in association with your social media channels else the website which can indeed generate revenue just from the words you write.

Is it a Yes for all the questions mentioned above? Well, in this case, if you have for sure reached the right place. We at alloccasionindia.com are constantly in search of writers who excel in writing content that is insightfully engaging, especially, for the community of self-publishers.


Know What You Should Expect:

  • The content you write gets featured on our site
  • You will get your own author bio & image
  • Avail of a maximum up to 5 personal links that come with your author bio
  • Internal links to your own content via your blog post
  • Get your blog post shared on our Facebook group.
  • Get assured satisfaction from guiding writers, marketers, publishers, and many other book lovers globally.


Know How You Can Write for Us:

If you're eager to get started, make sure you've read through our submission guidelines thoroughly. A platform will be available below those instructions to initiate the process with us.


Know How to Proceed When writing for Us:

1. You read through our submission criteria fully and accept that you are accountable for implementing them to the letter before seeking compensation.

2. After reading the directions, fully fill out the form following the submission guidelines. This form will help us to keep a record of data on who is writing for us.

3. You will receive an email confirmation after you have processed this form, confirming that we have received your submission.

4. You'll get an email with the next steps once you've been accepted or rejected as a guest blogger.

5. If you're accepted, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to choose a subject (from a pre-selected list) that best matches your expertise. SAVE THIS EMAIL FOR LATER!

6. Once you've decided on a subject, you'll need to fill out the next form to confirm it.

7. You'll write a flawless blog post (you have three weeks!), following all of the instructions outlined below.

8. When you're done, go back to your original email and find a connection to your submission form, which includes your PayPal email address and a Google Doc link.

9. Before acceptance and payment, the blog post will be carefully checked.

10. You'll be paid if your blog post is ready to go and gets accepted! It's as simple as that.

11. Your blog post will be made available at a later time (this date will be based on our backlog of guest content as well as any of the content we have scheduled to publish prior).

12. When your blog post goes up, you'll get an email notification!


Submission Guidelines:

  1. Write your blog post in a Google Doc

This allows for quick and convenient editing and posting; thus, we only approve blog post drafts via Google Docs. For those who have a @gmail.com email account, Google Docs is available automatically. And, in case, if you don’t have this ID, then the same must be created first.

  1. A Single Blog Post Should Range Between 800 – 1000 Words

Keeping in consideration our experience, blog posts of this length can have a better impact and we wish to ascertain that our readers get a full and thorough understanding of the topics they have been searching for.

  1. The Heading Should not Exceed 160 Characters

For your title to fit properly on Google, it has to fulfill this character count. Don’t be stressed even if it’s longer, as we’ll perform the needful editing to the title & ascertain it fits best.

  1. Your blog post’s structure

It is recommended to go for short paragraphs, subheadings, and/or numbered lists. Ensure to pre-format your headings. All headings should be “heading 2”, but, if needed then we may alter this upon publication.

  1. Add Screenshots

Wherever relevant (typically for reviews/instructional pieces), make use of screenshots to help explain and inform our readers in a better manner. You can also add red boxes, arrows, and text when suitable.

  1. Add Relevant Links Throughout the Post

Another advantage of being able to compose for us is the ability to do so. Embed links to related content somewhere else on the internet in your blog post—and yes, these links may be to your original content.

  1. Include your author bio information

Unlike several other websites, when you write for us, your author profile, photo, and social media links will appear at the top of your blog post.

Ensure to utilize them in your blog post, as seen in this published drafted example.

  1. Make sure your content can match our example

To make this convenient for you, we have compiled a sample blog post (from a post we’ve already published), to help you make an easy comparison with yours.

Make sure to focus on the overall structure, author bio information, and social links.

  1. Maintain our tone and style

We like our blog posts to be cheerful, punchy, and insightful – with a dash of character thrown in to keep our readers from being bored with often uninteresting topics.

  1. Submit your Draft

You can easily submit your post in our mail id : alloccasion0@gmail.com . Or You will receive an email with a collection of the next steps for working with us after you send the form below and sign up to contribute. The link you'll need to send your draft is included in that email!

Here, it must be noted that you will not be able to submit a draft for acceptance in any other way.



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